For pupils and students

Education is one of the pillars of the Etty Hillesum House. It is important that Etty's legacy, as the last witnesses of World War II fade away and future generations become increasingly distant from this history, be preserved and passed on. For primary, secondary and higher education students, the EHH itself develops educational materials, initiates and participates in various educational projects.

The research centre is available for use by school students doing a profile paper or students writing a paper or thesis. Among other resources, the centre holds books and information about Etty Hillesum, the persecution of the Jews and World War II. Volunteers are also available for questions and guidance.


Secondary Education

Writing with Etty Hillesum. An interactive writing workshop for upper secondary schools.

Een interactieve schrijfworkshop voor de bovenbouw HAVO/VWO

In two meetings students learn about the life of Etty Hillesum through film and diary fragments. By means of various writing assignments, students come into contact with a number of special literary techniques found in the text of Etty's diaries and texts and become familiar with different forms of expression in language.

Primary Education

Etty Hillesum: 'Becoming Who You Are'. Looking differently at yourself and at the other

In 2021, the education officer of the Etty Hillesum House, Lauda Maartens, artists Liesbeth Labeur, Bo de Jong and poet Anna de Bruyckere, launched the project ‘Etty Hillesum: Becoming who you are' in cooperation with Kunsteducatie Walcheren. Primary school children from Key Stage 2 and early Key Stage 3 are introduced to Etty Hillesum and her life story through a special film screening. Then, using three different art disciplines (visual art, creative writing and dressing up activities) Etty's thinking in the context of her time and our own time is experienced in a concrete way.

The project is carried out partly in schools and partly in the birthplace of Etty Hillesum at Molenwater 77 in Middelburg.

The project can be booked through Kunsteducatie Walcheren and KCE Oosterschelderegio and the Etty Hillesum House. For more information and bookings, please contact The teachers’ guide and the film are also available in English and can be obtained by sending an email to: The teaching materials can be viewed on the website.

A teachers’ pack about Etty Hillesum for upper secondary schools

The content of this teachers’ pack concerns love and hate, good and evil, and discusses being free and being oppressed. The content is designed to give a sense of hope for a more beautiful and better world where there is no place for hate. If we want to take a closer look at these concepts with students and if we want to make these concepts meaningful, it is not very surprising that we end up with Etty Hillesum. The teachers’ pack consists of a booklet with informative texts and various assignments and questions for students. It is also available in English and can be obtained by sending an email to:

Het lespakket bestaat uit een boekje met informatieve teksten en verschillende opdrachten en vragen.

Visit the Etty Hillesum House

Students are first shown a short film at school about Etty Hillesum's life during World War II in preparation for the visit to the Etty Hillesum House.

The visit to the house consists of a tour through the exhibition and a philosophy workshop: 'In dialogue with Etty'. In addition, there is the possibility to extend this program with a Jewish walk through Middelburg.

For more information on duration and costs of the educational programs, please contact Lauda Maartens of the Education Department at: