The board

mevr. L. Bergen, voorzitter; dagelijks bestuur, PR en communicatie, evenementen, educatie en onderzoek, penningmeester

dhr. A. van Dixhoorn; algemeen bestuur

dhr. A. Clement; algemeen bestuur

dhr. L. DeWitte; algemeen bestuur

dhr. A. Vos; secretaris

mevr. L. Zanardi, dagelijks bestuur; tentoonstellingen & artist-in-residence program, multimedia en design

compensation policy

The Etty Hillesum House Foundation has no paid employees. All activities of the board members on behalf of the foundation are unpaid. The board members are eligible for a reasonable reimbursement of expenses and an attendance fee that is not excessive (article 1a, part e of the UR AWR 1994). The expenses must be incurred for the purpose of performing the duties associated with the position in order to achieve the objectives of the foundation.

Based on the volunteer regulation it is possible, under certain conditions, to receive a compensation for the work to be done. This compensation may not exceed 170 per month and 1700 per year.

Policy plan

Het beleidsplan in pdf

Annual report 2021

Jaarverslag 2022